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I have tested these products in the field, putting them through the mill on genuine expeditions.

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When you are on a 2 month sea kayak expedition in North west Greenland, keeping yourself, your kit and electricals dry is seriously important! There is no nipping down to the local shop to restock or replace. On our 2018 exped we were very fortunate to have these amazing drybags. As a kayaker, I have used many different drybags which have all varied in quality and reliability. These bags are very well constructed of tough, durable material and come in a range of sizes. It's the attention to detail that places this product ahead of its competitors. There are useful d-rings, strong handles and quality clips. They stood up to freezing temperatures and the abuse of being packed and unpacked several times a day in challenging conditions. The quality is so good that I trusted these bags, unlike many others, with protecting my camera equipment and other electricals. I would compare these bags to the quality of ortlieb but without the price tag.


The Delorme InReach. A difficult bit of kit to review. This is a satelite device which allows basic communication while on remote expeditions where mobile coverage is non existant or sketchy at best. We first used this device on our Scotland sea kayak expedition, 2 months kayaking the west coast from Islay to Ullapool. With the ability to send text message to a selected address book we could send posts to social media and inform friends of our progress. It has a tracking facility and can send details about our route and position. It also has an SOS facility. Sounds great, doesn't it. Well, when it works it's fantastic however it failed within a week of the Scotland trip. We were living out of kayaks and camping wild so contacting DeLorme was tricky and to be honest they weren't particularly helpful. A replacement was finally sent but all a little too late, so I was not impressed. However on the latest Greenland exped it excelled. The wether conditions were awful but it meant we could keep in touch back home and get weather reports by which to judge our next move. I was impressed. I think if Delorme could sort out better aftersales care this would be a 5 star product.

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